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Michael Lang
President, Cybrains, Inc.

Who We Are

Cybrains, Inc. was launched in 2001 by Michael Lang, as a cutting-edge consulting service providing expertise at nearly every level of IT infrastructure from the data center to the desktop, websites, and business backend systems. Today, we are a strong team of professionals with U.S. based and International clients around the globe.

With more than three decades of experience, our team stands ready to solve any business challenge you have. With confidence, we deliver. The sooner we get started, the sooner your challenges vanish and your visions materialize.

Together, we bring unparalleled support and expertise to virtually any area of your business, whether its online ecommerce systems with millions of products listed, or channeling data from your store front to your fulfillment center and back. We have the expertise on staff to integrate any two systems from mainframes and UNIX to modern cloud-hosted sytems at all the major providers.

We are not just about computers and programs, either. We solve the human side of the equation to make your processes super efficient and clear away repetitive, time-consuming tasks that are better peformed by computers than humans. That is the very essence of melding Cybernetics and Human Brains, hence the name "Cybrains," giving you optimal solutions taylored specifically to your business.

As a team and company, we have consistently been at the forefront of emerging technologies. From the days of installing many offices' very first network with shared printers and file servers, to building some of the first cloud-based enterprise systems. We are proud to continue the trend of early adopters with our involvment in companies that are building on blockchain technologies in the cryptocurrency space like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Our team of experts is working with large blockchain businesses and we're actively building unique and powerful solutions.

Customer Feedback

Not only did I get a phenomenal web site (both looks and performance), but I got an education in the process. I learned the importance of managing content and driving more users to my web site [...] Communication was clear and he simplified the process. I presented a problem, he presented the solutions. With web design and management you get what you pay for-- and Michael was worth every penny. -- Harmony Sockman
Michael was always very responsive to our varied needs throughout the years. He always had several suggestions for how to solve any particular issue and communicated clearly on timeline and expectations. When we transferred a large amount of data from one website to a new one, he was instrumental in ensuring everything went without a hitch. I have really enjoyed working with Michael. -- Susan B. Kilkenny / Chief Marketing Officer
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