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Modernize Your Aging Ruby on Rails Applications

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Everything you need to build and maintain a Ruby on Rails Application.


  • Great User Experience
  • Desktop to Mobile and Everything in Between
  • E-Commerce & Payment Processing
  • SEO Optimized Web Presence


  • Application Programming Interfaces (API)
  • Automation
  • Data Mining
  • Notifications
  • Background Processing
  • SaaS Integrations


  • Databases
  • File/Cloud Storage
  • High-Performance Tuning
  • Your Datacenter or Cloud Providers
  • Scalability & Monitoring
  • Security Hardening

Customer Feedback

Not only did I get a phenomenal web site (both looks and performance), but I got an education in the process. I learned the importance of managing content and driving more users to my web site [...] Communication was clear and the team simplified the process. I presented a problem, they presented the solutions. With web design and management you get what you pay for — and Cybrains was worth every penny.

— Harmony Sockman
President, HP Exteriors LLC

Michael's team was always very responsive to our varied needs throughout the years. They always had several suggestions for how to solve any particular issue and communicated clearly on timeline and expectations. When we transferred a large amount of data from one website to a new one, they were instrumental in ensuring everything went without a hitch. I have really enjoyed working with Cybrains.

— Susan B. Kilkenny
Chief Marketing Officer, Taft Law LLC


A few technologies we are well-versed in!

Languages & Protocols


Data Storage

Deploy Targets

Quick to Learn, Years to Master

Ruby and Ruby on Rails are deceptively easy to get started building in, but take years to master.

In the hands of masters, complex systems come to life in a matter of days or weeks.

We have been developing with Ruby on Rails since 2005 and never looked back. Entire ecosystems have sprung up around the Ruby on Rails movement and we have been in lock-step with those changes, evolving and improving our game in every way.

In short, we are confident in our ability deliver powerful working solutions for you. With our money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, but you must act quickly as openings for new clients is limited.

How We Roll

Seven Stage Software Development Cycle Agile Method Waterfall Method V-shape model of SDLC Spiral Method SDLC

We could show you a nice picture of the seven stages of software development life-cycle management and how our processes work in graphic detail.

Maybe even go into great detail about our entire process and how we coordinate, communicate, and ultimately deliver working solutions into your hands.

We could talk about the Agile Manifesto and valuing delivering working software on continuous basis.

Or perhaps pitching our own spin on the Twelve-Factor Application as a means of impressing you with our knowledge of all these engineering and practical approaches to developing software solutions.

But we won't bore you with any of this because it simply does not matter.

All you need to know is this:

We Adapt to Your Workflow Effortlessly

… and we can help you improve methodologies along the way, too.


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Michael Lang
As the founder of Cybrains, I have been building and automating software systems for over three decades, doing the sort of things others thought couldn't be done.
Today, Cybrains has an international roster of clients. Whether you are in my backyard or halfway around the world, we can help. I personally ensure that my entire team delivers to the highest possible standards. Connect with me now and let us get started.


Michael Lang


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