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I figure out what works (and what doesn't) so you can focus on exactly what will make your online business a smashing success.

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Not only did I get a phenomenal web site (both looks and performance), but I got an education in the process. I learned the importance of managing content and driving more users to my web site [...] Communication was clear and he simplified the process. I presented a problem, he presented the solutions. With web design and management you get what you pay for-- and Michael was worth every penny. -- Harmony Sockman

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How to Sell It Guide

This strategy guide takes you from absolute nobody online to commanding an audience and building your followers (customers) and brand. If you’re just starting out and feel completely overwhelmed or disoriented or just asking yourself, “I have a website up and running, now what?” then this is the guide for you. Don’t worry, if there’s an actionable step and you haven’t set up the appropriate resources, yet, then you’ll find a reference to the {{setup_guide}} with instructions for getting started.

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I will change manifesto

It isn’t the wrong clients, bad employees, lack of service, poor product or even lack of marketing. It isn’t a competitor, a branding issue or lower budgets. It isn’t a down economy and slow market. It’s you. And by you, I literally mean you — not a figurative you or some grand idea it is start ups like you — I mean, it is YOU…

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