How to Sell It Guide


How to Sell It Guide

I am working hard on writing this guide. You'll find the general outline of what's to come below. The first chapter, "Customer Personas" is written and I would love to get your feedback on the chapter. What's clear and what's not. What did I miss or could have gone into more details about? Please read and share your comments!

Entrepreneurs are often technicians born without the sales gene. By that, I mean that they are masters at their craft or authorities in their chosen field. They can build the better mouse trap that all the world needs, but couldn’t sell ice in the Saharan dessert. Other entrepreneurs are born to sale ice to Eskimos. The question is: Which are you?

Fortunately, the Internet has completely changed the sales game. It matters less than ever whether you “can sell” or not. What matters more is whether you can connect with your customers. People love to buy in crowds and social media platforms have made it trivial to connect with others and share knowledge. At the end of the day, if you have a product or service people need, then all you need to do is find your customers and speak to them.

“If” is the key operative word, though. If you don’t know who your customer is or you’ve developed the wrong product, no amount of marketing and sales effort is going to win you sales. This guide starts at the very beginning. If you’ve identified your customers and pitched your message properly, then all that remains is executing a solid marketing campaign to draw in your customers.

This guide covers:

  1. Identifying and Knowing Your Customers
  2. Finding out Where your Customers Congregate
  3. The Major Channels for Marketing Online
  4. Establishing a Marketing Roadmap for next 6-months
  5. Maximizing Effectiveness through Content Morphing
  6. Course Correcting as You get Feedback

General Objectives:

  • Know your audience.
  • Start marketing on day one.
  • Know what outcome you desire so you can aim.

Questions Answered

  • Who are my Customers?
  • Where to Start?
  • What Order to Do Things In?
  • How to do:
    • Email Marketing?
    • Twitter Campaigns
    • Facebook Fan Pages
    • Engage Friends and Family w/o being Obnoxious
    • Network on Linked-In
  • How to Measure Effectiveness of Efforts?

Core Areas of Marketing Activity

1. Email Marketing

  1. Choose an email provider
  2. Create a branded email template
  3. Drip campaigns for education and acquisition
  4. A/B test your emails
  5. Segment and create lists

2. Social Media Marketing

  1. Create a viral SM Contest page
  2. Leave Twitter open in Live Tabs
  3. Start networking on Linked-In
  4. Have something to say: Creator or Curator
  5. Build a following on Twitter
  6. Connect your blog to Facebook
  7. Time your tweets
  8. Seed some facebook fans
  9. Create conversion oriented FB page
  10. Setup your Twitter Account
  11. Claim your Brand name

3. Lead Generation

  1. Use feedburner to capture and track rss readers
  2. Gather emails for product launch
  3. Give something away in exchange for customer data
  4. Answer questions on Linked-in and Quora

4. Organic SEO/SEM

  1. Setup Webmaster Tools
  2. Architect your site for search
  3. Use SEOMoz campaigns to track search progress
  4. Do lots of link building
  5. Research and define your core organic keywords

5. Conversion Optimization

  1. A/B test your landing pages
  2. A single purpose and CTA for every page
  3. Use feedback widgets and live chat for user insight
  4. Segment inbound traffic sources
  5. Try a 5 second test
  6. Rate your pages with the conversion scorecard

6. Analytics

  1. Set up Google Analytics
  2. Establish Conversion Goals and Sales Funnels
  3. Annotate Important Events in GA
  4. Create Custom Dashboard Reports
  5. Discover Under-performing areas of your site

7. Content Marketing

  1. Start Your Website and give away free knowledge
  2. Submit content to social hubs
  3. Bookmark your content on
  4. Enable social sharing mechanisms
  5. Write an e-book
  6. Create an infographic
  7. Set up an editorial calendar
  8. Write about others to build relationships

8. Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

  1. Create Google Ad-Words account
  2. Send traffic to landing pages
  3. One landing page per group
  4. Improve Message Match for high quality score
  5. Get some help from a PPC expert