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August 2014

Let’s Get to the Core of It

It isn’t the wrong clients, bad employees, lack of service, poor product or even lack of marketing.

It isn’t a competitor, a branding issue or lower budgets.

It isn’t a down economy and slow market.

It’s you.

And by you, I literally mean you — not a figurative you or some grand idea it is start-ups like you — I mean, it is YOU. The founder, CEO, President, VP, or whatever else you call yourself as an entrepreneur and owner of your business.

“Yeah, but [insert lame excuse here…]”

Sorry, its still you.

It ain’t me. It isn’t your life coach. And it’s certainly not your dog.

Seriously, it all boils down to just you — the person sitting right there reading this.


So, if you’re still with me and you didn’t hit that back button faster than a road runner with a coyote on its tail, then great! You recognize the truth of the matter at hand. So, what are you going to do about it? First, just accepting that it all starts with you is a big step forward in the right direction. Second, when you stop blaming external forces, you start seeing things from an entirely different perspective?

How different?

Well, you start acting, moving, shaking, and rattling. You’ll also realize that you and only you hold the power to control and change your future. Fear melts away. Successes start to roll in. Confidence enters the picture. You quit depending on others and waiting on external situations to change. You direct others to get things accomplished and you work around those external blocks. You simply do.

Accepting responsibility for everything that happens to you is a powerful thing. Your perspective changes. You stop complaining about injustices done and cowering in fear of repercussions (real or imagined, possible or farfetched). You stop seeing what the world is doing to you, and, instead, think about what you can do for the world.

Self-Reflect and Course Correct Often

Every day is an opportunity to learn something new. If you’re trying a marketing strategy and it’s not producing results, don’t keep pursuing. Find out why there are no results. The sooner you discover a pitfall in your strategy, the quicker you can change for the better. Your new knowledge will either lead you to drop that marketing channel altogether or change the way you’re pitching. Remember: Small changes and small results are significant at the beginning of any new effort. But to find these answers, you have to be willing to step back from the effort itself periodically and examine what’s going on. If this is not a natural thing for you, start penciling it in on your calendar.

Seek Negative Feedback

If you only ever hear good news about your product, service, or business, then you’re not listening hard enough. If you don’t get constructive critical feedback, then you can’t improve your offering.

Most people don’t tell you you’re doing something wrong. It’s uncomfortable to share with someone what they’re doing wrong. Most people move away from conflict. They feel like it’s offensive or mean. So they quietly ignore it (or talk about it when you’re not around.) This is why it’s important to constantly SEEK negative (aka constructive) feedback – Andy Drish, The Foundation

If your product or service is not selling, find out why! Go out into the world and ask real people. Ask and ask again until you have the answers you need to improve your product, service, or marketing message.

Get Unstuck

Are you stuck? Have you plateaued? Are things declining rather than accelerating? Are you doing the same thing over and over expecting different results? Do you even know where you’re going next?

Stop going in circles! Step back, identify the real issues. Remember, you’re in control. Decide how to eliminate or reduce the effect of those causes. Make your action plan and follow through. Rinse and repeat.

That is the core of how you change for the better. Sometimes you will make decisions that take you backwards rather than forward. Always be cognizant of this and ready to stop backward slides at the earliest possible opportunities.

The solution to keeping backwards slides to absolute minimum is to test, test, test every assumption and decision as quickly as possible. Want to try a new direction that seems risky? Allocate the time, resources, and funds to a trial period. Find out with empirical whether the new direction will likely succeed or not.

Do Something Different

So you’ve been doing something the same way for years. You’ve developed a look, feel, style, and voice for your brand that you’re in love with. Are your customers feeling the same love? If you’re not on the upward trajectory you thought you’d be by now, then probably not!

Be willing to try new things. Be open to changing your branding and marketing message. Take strong cues from your current customers. Use their language to describe your products and services, not yours! Often this will put you outside your comfort zone. That’s ok! Lean on others outside you if you have to. Hire a pro (or two) if that’s what it takes to push you in the right direction. Working with someone external to you even or a short engagement period can often boost you to all new levels. Outsiders see things you don’t. That’s valuable feedback, and you should always be seeking new knowledge that you can take action on.

Be Powerful

Leave fear at the door. Embrace success. Nay, demand success. Not only for yourself, but for your customers. Build something great and have the guts to pursue your passions and beliefs. Have the gumption to own up to your own self-perceived value. Watching other people be successful while you spin into obscurity is no longer enough. Helping people in the world is self-fulling, and you should strive to make the world a better place.

Successful entrepreneurs demand success. They cultivate the mindset of focusing on the customer’s need. The customer wants only the end-result. How you get there from here doesn’t matter as long as you deliver. Successful business owners are powerful because they:

  • Act fast
  • Jump on opportunities
  • Don’t wait for perfection
  • Don’t seek approval and permission to do things
  • Have faith in their vision
  • Follow pain and focus on solving it
  • Outsource the simple tasks
  • Focus their energy on increasing customer value

I Will Change

I’ve been successful with what I’ve done in my career. But nowhere near to the degree I desire. I’ve been stuck for a while, and I’m getting unstuck. I believe I can have a much more powerful and meaningful impact on the world than I have had thus far. To reach the next level, I have to change. I have to change my thinking and my mindset. I have to set larger goals and be brave enough to pursue them.

This is my manifesto to change. I am changing. I am changing the world. I am choosing success. I am moving forward. Will you be joining me? If so, leave your comment below and let’s get started on our journey together.

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