Getting Started

Exploring new techniques and tools

When it comes to getting started, there’s nothing like the unknown. Not knowing what’s the best tools to use. Not knowing where to start. Not knowing if something is even going to work? It is difficult to spend money, or pour a ton of effort into something new without having at least a sense of somebody having gone before you and accomplished something with that tool or technique, or marketing strategy.

That’s where the “Getting Started” articles come in. I will show you tools I use or have tried and where I succeeded or struggled with those choices.

Recently Published in Getting Started

I will change manifesto

August 2014

It isn’t the wrong clients, bad employees, lack of service, poor product or even lack of marketing. It isn’t a competitor, a branding issue or lower budgets. It isn’t a down economy and slow market. *It’s you.* And by you, *I literally mean you* — not a figurative you or some grand idea it is start ups like you — I mean, it is YOU...


Who Are You Talking To?

Your Audience's Perspective

August 2014

Three marketing experts and a business owner go out to lunch together. While waiting for appetizers and drinks to arrive, the business owner pipes up and asks all too casually, "guys, I have a great website, but it's not getting any traffic. What do I need to do to draw people to my website?"


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